Photography Session Booking Process

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

It is sometimes a bit confusing on how to book a photo session, hence why we wanted to simplify the process for you, so we tried in the below to summarise how it works with Hi-Land Photography Booking,

  1. Agree on a date and a time which suits both sides.

  2. Complete Booking form which will be sent by email.

  3. Pay the booking fee for confirmation.

  4. Attend the photo session in time.

  5. A low resolution/watermarked photos will be sent to you (either to an email or through whatsapp) for confirmation or selection.

  6. Agree on final list of photos.

  7. A link to download the high resolution photos to be sent by email.


We offer full refund of the booking fee in case you cancel 24 hours before the session and with the current COVID-19 situation we are pretty flexible in COVID-19 related cases to cancel any time.

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