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Navigating Camera Shyness on Your Wedding Day: A Photographer's Perspective


Weddings are a flurry of emotions: joy, anticipation, love, and sometimes, a touch of camera shyness. It's not uncommon for couples to feel apprehensive about being the centre of attention, with lenses capturing their every move. As a wedding photographer serving the beautiful region of Aberdeenshire and beyond, I've had the privilege of working with many couples, some of whom initially felt uneasy in front of the camera. Here's how I approach this challenge and ensure that every couple feels comfortable, resulting in authentic and heartfelt photographs.

Understanding the Root of Camera Shyness:

Before diving into solutions, it's vital to understand that camera shyness often stems from deeper insecurities or past experiences. Some individuals might feel they aren't photogenic, while others might be self-conscious about specific physical attributes. Recognizing these feelings and addressing them head-on is the first step towards creating a comfortable environment.

Building Rapport Before the Big Day:

One of the most effective ways to combat camera shyness is by establishing a rapport well in advance of the wedding. This is where pre-wedding shoots come into play. It's a relaxed environment, allowing couples to get accustomed to the camera and the photographer. By the end of the session, most couples find that their initial apprehensions have melted away.

The Candid Approach:

Camera shyness often surfaces during posed shots. This is why I lean heavily into candid photography. By capturing spontaneous moments, couples are often unaware of the camera, leading to genuine and emotive photographs. Over the years, many couples have expressed their astonishment at the candid moments I've captured, moments they weren't even aware were being photographed.


"We would like to highly recommend Amro as a wedding photographer. He made us feel comfortable and at ease while he performed miracles around us. Our photographs turned out better than we could imagine with artistic flare and creativity. The warm, loving atmosphere captured in every shot." - Zoe & Dom

"I would love to work with Amro at Hi-Land Photography again! He’s was so patient and gave great direction. He helped to create a really comfortable environment, and was very flexible with the workspace too so that we could achieve both indoor studio and outdoor shots. He’s very talented and I’m so pleased with the final shots. He didn’t put any pressure on whatsoever for purchase which I really appreciated, not that I had any hesitation as I was so satisfied with the end result and wonderful, genuine service provided. Thank you!" - Lauren

" We were reluctant to have a professional photographer for our wedding, as it was going to be a small gathering with close family only, but we really wanted to have lovely photos to remember our special day. Did a basic search for Micro Wedding Photography and one of the suggestions was Amro at Hi-Land Photography. His quick response when we contacted him and easy-going nature were so reassuring and we are so glad to have those very special memories preserved in some wonderful photos! Amro is a lovely man, who has such a talent and enthusiasm for his work and he captured some fabulous 'natural' photos as well as more formal ones.

Would highly recommend Amro for your photography, whether it's a family portrait, large or small wedding, he will provide a first class service covering your individual requirements 💜" - Heather & Ray

Creating a Comfortable Environment:

It's essential to create a relaxed environment during the shoot. This might mean giving couples some space, playing soft music in the background, or even engaging in casual conversation. The less they focus on the camera, the more natural the photos will be.

Final Thoughts:

Camera shyness is a common concern, but with the right approach, it can be transformed into an opportunity to capture genuine moments. At the heart of every wedding photograph is a story, and my goal is to tell that story authentically, ensuring every couple, camera-shy or not, has memories they cherish for a lifetime.

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