What to wear for a Photography Session.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

This is a usual pro session question and while there are plenty of guides available online addressing the same subject, there isn't a one answer for this question.

I guess this depends on many aspects of the photography session as well as the photographer personal style.

So obviously indoor session we have a bit of control over the background & lighting which can help the photographer make the subject colors pop out and keep the focus on the subject rather than the background, while outdoor sessions relies on whether you are looking for a more of an urban look to the photo or a natural greenery background.

Also cloths material depends on what season the photo shoot theme is, so Summer might have more of a cotton relaxed casual wear, winter would look great with scarves and wool material.

We in Hi-Land Photography are trying to keep simple, fun and easy photo shoot session from preparation to having your photos in hand, hence we are going to simplify this to you in the few tips:

  • Keep it Simple!

  • Choose cloths you feel comfortable and relaxed in.

  • Solid colors work best!

  • Think about color palette between all family members.

  • Avoid illustrations, text and logos.

  • Take off watches and keep your phone in a bag.

  • Avoid a matching outfits.

  • Remember you can change outfits when we head outdoor, so grab few tops, scarves, hats, etc. to try out.

Autumn Style Sessions

In Autumn I usually suggest to my client to think of warmth and textures for a cosy feel, usually autumn photos has orange and yellow as dominant colors with a dark moody style, hence for you to pop out from the background you should chose cloths colors which are complimentary with the environment.

Below are color palettes to indicate ideal colors as well as some outfit combination for the whole family to have the same vibe during the photo shoot.

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