Top Aberdeenshire Locations for Photo sessions.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Well I would like to consider this post/blog a dynamic one, as I will keep updating it as I visit more places and capture several images of the place, also if you know a particular place which you believe can be great for a photo shoot please let us know,

So here we go;

Haddo House

Haddo House is one of my personal favourit destination for a walk with the family, but when it comes to photography I just love the several scenes and backgrounds, it fits so many photo themes, Field, Forrest, River with Ducks & Stunning Architecture.


  • Forrest

  • River

  • Ducks and birds

  • Architecture

  • Royal Gardens

  • Hay Field


Lying on the north cost almost 7 miles east of Banff this amazing fishermen town, it is simple village yet looks stunning with those colorful cottage stacked up on the beach, there also Mountain Cliffs with a wee waterfall pouring into the sea, the beach is simple and when the tide is up the rocks underneath the water pops up all over the beach.


  • Harbour

  • Costal Village

  • Colorful Cottages

  • Beach

  • Mountains

  • Waterfall

New Slains Castle

It has somehow similar location theme like Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, however the castle ruins has quite a unique theme, the cliffs and the sea would help much in the photo composition and it is not usually busy as Dunnottar and free to access as well.


  • Castle

  • Ruins

  • Cliffs

  • Waterfront

  • Sea side

  • Hay Field

Loch Muick

Now this is really some magical place, the views, the walk and all about this place is just perfect for a photo session, you might even be lucky and get some Reindeers shown in the background.


  • Nature

  • Water front

  • Mountains

  • Highlands

  • Wild life

  • Lakeside


All of the city really, I was going to mention Dunnotar Castle but I realised that Stonehaven Harbour, beach and the streets as well all of them are perfect destinations for photo session and spending sometime there.


  • Beach

  • Castle

  • Cliffs

  • Sea

  • Market Place

  • City

Tarlair Swimming Pool

Although this is an abundant swimming pool but the location, the scenes and background are just so rich with textures and colors, this could fit for movie scene style of locations.


  • Cliffs

  • Rocks

  • Sea

  • Rocky Beach

  • Rustic

  • Manmade Pool

  • Abundant Building

  • Field

  • Grass

  • Mountain

  • Bay

Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen

One of the most beautiful gardens in Aberdeen, as a matter of fact the garden has won the Britain in bloom competition several times before, of course the garden's main themes are :

  • Autumn

  • Leaves

  • Garden

  • Lake

  • Swans

  • Blue Bridge

  • Red Trees

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